For each and every one of our 54 days on the bike in 2017 the Light the Trail team dedicated their daily progress to the memory of one who lost their life to suicide. They learned of, celebrated, and rode for (#Ride4) the lives of these individuals, and carried their stories with them as fuel and motivation every morning, Lighting the Trail toward a future where suicide is never the choice.

One of our most important battles in the fight to find a cure for depression and to prevent suicide is overcoming the stifling stigma that surrounds the issue, which is why bringing the conversation to light was one of our main objectives. We invited you, members of the Light the Trail community, to submit to us that special friend, family member, acquaintance or loved one whom you lost to suicide so that we could honor their memory by fighting back in their name.

Every ride day on the journey we took time in the mornings to read these entries together, as a group, so we were freshly inspired for the physical, emotional, and mental struggles we faced that day. We also posted these written entries (plus a photo or two of the honoree if possible) to our website blog and to our Facebook page as one way of establishing regularly occurring positive, uplifting conversation on the issue.