Each ride-day the Light the Trail team will #Ride4 a victim of suicide to honor and celebrate their life, and to further healthy conversation about this important topic. If there’s someone you’d like us to #Ride4, please visit the #Ride4 page.

November 7th, 2017: #Ride4 Stephen A. Vincentini (by Barbara Vincentini)

Tell us about them…

Stephen was a very caring, compassionate, sensitive young man that always could make me smile and laugh all at the same time. I looked forward to his phone calls and no matter how many times he called in a day, we talked hours on end about anything and everything, that’s what I miss the most. Stephen was an air traffic controller at the age of 19. and loved what he did with a passion, he was the best! Stephen was and is my whole world, my everything because Stephen is my son.

How has your perspective of depression and suicide shifted over time?

I am determined to become my son’s voice, it’s a disease that effects so many but so little is being done. Depression, anxiety is so misunderstood. Stephen suffered for so long and so hard, and he felt there was nothing left. This should have never been an option, mental illness destroys a person, I have seen it and experienced it, it’s a living nightmare that is relived each and every day.

A small special way we can celebrate them on the road?

When a plane fly over, think of Stephen and smile.

Is there a particular favorite song or band of theirs, or one you remember them by?

I Can Only Imagine…by MercyMe

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