Each ride-day the Light the Trail team will #Ride4 a victim of suicide to honor and celebrate their life, and to further healthy conversation about this important topic. If there’s someone you’d like us to #Ride4, please visit the #Ride4 page.

November 7th, 2017: #Ride4 Gabe Klein (by Heidi Klein)

Tell us about them…

Gabe was my bright, handsome, caring, inquisitive, talented, but troubled son. I miss our conversations, which frequently featured science, technology, or some other way of looking at an otherwise mundane topic. I miss cooking for him, as he had an adventurous palate.

How has your perspective of depression and suicide shifted over time?

We were immersed in it for so long that I haven’t really changed the way I feel, I’ve just learned more. One thing I do know is that each person who has been labeled “mentally ill” has his or her own unique differences, informed by their personalities and their environment. It is my hope that the majority of our population tries to better understand what struggles some of their friends, neighbors, family members, face. To reach out and to not judge. And to realize not everyone fits in a box, whether deemed mentally ill or not.

A small special way we can celebrate them on the road?

Gabe was a huge astronomy and NASA fan. Just look at the stars if you are able. He’s up there in the cosmos with all of the answers.

Is there a particular favorite song or band of theirs, or one you remember them by?

Nine Inch Nails was a favorite.

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