Each ride-day the Light the Trail team will #Ride4 a victim of suicide to honor and celebrate their life, and to further healthy conversation about this important topic. If there’s someone you’d like us to #Ride4, please visit the #Ride4 page.

October 14th, 2017: #Ride4 Gwendolyn Upchurch (by Elizabeth Anderson)

Tell us about them…

Gwenny was headstrong almost from the moment she was born. She was empathetic, loved people and was in school studying social work. She was a very talented writer and usually edited work reports for me.

Being Gwendolyn’s mother made me a better person. She had my heart and soul. Still does.

How has your perspective of depression and suicide shifted over time?

We need to have open conversations about depression and quit treating mental health as an afterthought.

We need to work on creating assessable avenues for people to feel like they can get the help and support they need. Not just for those with depression, but those they are surrounded by as well.

A small special way we can celebrate them on the road?

Enjoy some very good food. Gwendolyn was a bit of a foodie and a wonderful cook.

Is there a particular favorite song or band of theirs, or one you remember them by?

There are so many. When Gwendolyn was little- she used to stand on the couch and conduct while Mozart was playing- primarily the Marriage of Figaro.

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