Each ride-day the Light the Trail team will #Ride4 a victim of suicide to honor and celebrate their life, and to further healthy conversation about this important topic. If there’s someone you’d like us to #Ride4, please visit the #Ride4 page.

September 29, 2017: #Ride4 Denis Grundy (by Rhonda Grundy)

Tell us about them…

Dennis was my husband for 31 years. He suffered from chronic pain for about half of that time. He was smart and funny and quirky, and I still miss him so much even after 5 years. He was a sports editor until he became disabled, and he was a wonderful writer. We spent many hours watching sports together as part of his job but also because we loved it. He was a lifelong Oklahoma sports fan, and he taught me to love OU sports also. As Fall football season has started, I ache for those times we cheered on the teams together.

How has your perspective of depression and suicide shifted over time?

Dennis suffered from depression most of his life. His mother even encouraged me not to marry him because she didn’t want me to struggle with his struggles. I always believed that if a person just felt loved and appreciated that the depression would go away. I came to realize that that is not the case.

A small special way we can celebrate them on the road?

Dennis loved buffaloes. If you see one, please take a picture of it in his honor.

Is there a particular favorite song or band of theirs, or one you remember them by?

Dennis liked contemporary Christian music and was a church music director in his early years. I had “I Can Only Imagine” played at his funeral. He liked that song.

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