Each ride-day the Light the Trail team will #Ride4 a victim of suicide to honor and celebrate their life, and to further healthy conversation about this important topic. If there’s someone you’d like us to #Ride4, please visit the #Ride4 page.

September 26, 2017: #Ride4 Alice Paschall (by Gayle Haley)

Tell us about them…

She was loving, generous, and fun Mom and grandmother. She was a great golfer and loved her golf buddies at Ridglea Country Club.

(Alice is 2nd from right, in the light purple dress)

How has your perspective of depression and suicide shifted over time?

I was very little when she passed away. She and I were close buddies. Her suicide was very difficult to discuss and the grief still comes as we all miss her so much.

A small special way we can celebrate them on the road?

Say hi to her when you ride and tell her we love her so much.

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